Network Security tops Most In Demand IT Services in Australia for 2015 - CMS IT

Network Security tops Most In Demand IT Services in Australia for 2015

Network Security tops Most In Demand IT Services in Australia for 2015

2015 saw the most prolific ransomware attacks in Australia compared to any other country.  With one innocuous click, countless businesses – big or small – found their data encrypted and therefore inaccessible.  Ransomware has hit Australia and it hit it hard.  The only way for businesses to regain access and control over their encrypted information is to pay a ransom to those responsible for the attacks.  However, companies who have extensive security measures as part of their managed IT services in Australia were able to quickly cope and deal with the ransomware attacks.

Businesses that are subscribed to an extensive security plan through managed IT services in Australia such as network security and managed SPAM filtering were able to quickly bounce back and resume operations after an attack.  Malicious software, spam and viruses will have a harder time penetrating networks that are protected by fully-integrated and extensive network security solutions that focus on emails and other means of communication exchange.

By closely monitoring incoming communication, keeping up to date on virus and malware definitions and consistently taking data back-up and recovery steps, businesses will be more prepared to handle all kinds of possible threats.  Additionally, when businesses utilize managed IT services in Australia, not only are they protected from malware, spam and phishing emails, their workforce is also educated at what should be done to prevent being infected or the steps to take should an infection does happen.

There are many kinds of network security solutions and systems available through managed IT services in Australia.  One such solution is WatchGuard – considered one of the world’s most extensive and multi-faceted network threat protection network security systems in the industry.  Not only does it protect from malwares and threats but it also provides security from any attempt at unauthorized access that could also potentially corrupt and compromise critical and proprietary information.  This is why network security through managed IT services in Australia is the best, most ideal security solution for small businesses to large enterprises that are looking to safeguard their information from threat of data corruption, virus and malware infection and data loss.

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